Diarmuid Kennan- MSc. (Social Science)

A native speaker of English who has worked as a professional translator since 1996. Now based in Ireland after 26 years living in Scandinavia and 1 year teaching business English to bank staff in Estonia. A flexible and professional partner who produces high-quality translations within a number of fields for businesses, public institutions and private individuals. Texts are translated from Danish, Norwegian and Swedish with care and precision.

Specialises in the following fields:
Finance and Economics - Management – Tender Documents - Accountancy – Law - Education and Pedagogy – Information Technology – Public Administration- Engineering and Construction – Sociology and Politics – Travel and Tourism Certificates (Births, Marriages, Deaths, Education etc.).

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Susanne Kennan- MSc (Economic)

Native Danish speaker. Graduated as an economist from Copenhagen University where she has also studied law and languages and taken a diploma in journalism. 12 years experience working in the education sector before setting up as a full-time freelance translator. Now based in Ireland after periods spent living and working in the USA and Estonia. Speaks English fluently. Specialises in the translation of texts from English, Norwegian and Swedish into flawless and flowing

Danish within the following fields:

Education and pedagogy - Finance and Economics – Accountancy – Management – Public Administration – Law – Travel and Tourism – Fitness & Diet – Information & Technology - Software

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